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Artificial Intelligence

Ian Malcolm had the last word back in 1993: “we were so preoccupied with whether or not we could that we didn’t stop to think if we SHOULD”.

An issue with technological advancement is that it’s completely divorced from its social responsiblities. That’s why tech exists, isn’t it? To help humanity? So why, then, do people insist on pushing out disruptive technologies before stopping to consider how it will impact our world, and how we can mitigate its effects BEFORE unleashing your tech? Uber and Lyft were pushed out into the world with not a single thought to the destruction of cab drivers’ livelihoods. All this talk about “disruption” gets thrown around callously, completely oblivious to the damage they may be doing.

AI is going to be the mother of disruptive technologies. It can have detrimental effects on the economies of the poor and working class. The wealthy, being the owners of the AI, will in fact be the only ones who benefit – “BIGLY”. Some billionaires, to their credit, have touted the idea of a universal basic income, which would partially solve that problem and does take human cost into consideration. But these things must be hashed out by society before tech decides to push AI onto the world, and not after the fact. We have the hindsight of the industrial revolution and its impact on the people most vulnerable – let’s actually start using it.

Laughing My Ass Off at Logitech

Ladies and gentlemen, the Logitech MX Revolution.

Isn’t that just about the SEXIEST thing you’ve ever seen? It’s so sexy it made Hugh Hefner put a ring on it. And it FEELS amazing. Ergonomic design, optical laser tech, customizable buttons, a “game mode”, and even a search function. Retailing for around $100, you’d think it come with better instructions on what to do IN CASE IT STOPS WORKING.

If you think you should turn to Logitech, don’t bother. Logitech products look great, but don’t count on their service to be of much help – particularly with this mouse. With this mouse, if your battery suddenly refuses to work you have one option – buy a new one. That’s it. You can’t even replace the battery. Once it fails, you’re out $100 and you basically have to cough up $100 new dollars for a mouse that’s only problem is a faulty battery. You are screwed. Not quite ready to lube up the old cornhole just yet, I decided to consult a higher intelligence – the internet. I somehow stumbled upon this blog dealing with the same issue I was having with my mouse – namely, that the charging cradle kept giving me a flashing red light, meaning the battery wasn’t charging.

After reading the main article I scroll down to see what readers had to say, and the responses I was reading seemed to suggest that the number one solution to this problem was to – I shit you not, people – slam it.

“…Good to know I am not the only one having problems with this awesome device… Mine has seemed to gradually lose its ability to charge over the past 3 months. My first concern was the contacts, i clean them, safely, all the time just to be sure, but that’s not what it is for mine. Once I determined it wasn’t the contacts, and could find nothing else, I simply slammed the mouse (bottom side down) on my desk, and WOW does it work like brand new again. I DO NOT ADVISE ANYONE “SLAMMING” theirs down, but it worked for me. (Symptoms: not charging, blinking red battery light, random green lights.) Works great now.”

“…Slammed my mouse in to the desk as Chris did, and it has worked fine after that, guess it’s the way to solve the problem”

“…That’s probably the wierdest advice i’ve ever taken, but slamming my mouse buttonside down into my table has it working like brand new! Thanks!”

“..I slammed the mouse and… it worked! Seriously after reading these comments I was like there is no way I’m slamming the mouse, but after dealing with their customer service dept., what was the worst thing that could happen? Couldn’t really get more broken. Chalk up another unbiased vote for slamming.”

“..the mouse slam thing worked for me too. Same symptoms – blinking red light.  That’s hilarious.”

And there’s more.  Much more.  So I figured what the hell. I slammed the shit out of it. Didn’t work out so well for the last mouse I owned…but I’ll be damned if this motherfucker ain’t working like a charm now! That’s right, this $100 technological marvel requires only that you slam it against a hard, flat surface for it to function correctly.  All these years I’ve been told not to slam malfunctioning hardware and now Logitech has finally invented a device whose repair manual can be summed up in a sentence: slam the shit out of it.  Pure genius level shit right there.