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Bow-Gate: Faux News Reaches for The Stars


Bow-gate?  Really?


This is what one of my homies calls “reaching”.  This is what happens when you run out of things to say about a man, so you gotta reeeeeeeeach a little further and grab any any irrelevant shit that you can find.  What’s funny is that I’m sure there’s lots of other shit Fox can do to ruin Barack Obama’s credibility, and they wouldn’t even have to dig that deep.  Come on you lazy fucks, you’ve done better than this.

It’s almost as if they know they can count on their usual gang of bumpkin fucktards to get all hot and bothered over this non-issue, something to rally around  after the whole “Obama is Hitler” thing got old.  After all, there’s enough of them around to make Sarah Palin rich and famous.  If any of you happen to be reading this (as if you read), I seriously despise you.  I despise you, and your philosophy of arrogant exceptionalism.  Get the fuck over yourselves you mindless idiots.

Things I Wish The President Would Say

A few items making the rounds out in the conservative market of ideas – a market currently undergoing a Great Depression – followed by an eloquent rebuttal in The President’s own words.

Obama plans to indoctrinate your children. Why? Because Michelle Malkin’s crazy ass said so, that’s why.

And just like I thought it would happen, these fucking idiots pulled their kids out of school. I’m not even going to use this space to try to argue why it isn’t true; again, stupid people can not be convinced by argument alone. The truth should be self-evident, this shouldn’t even be a fucking issue. I feel as if it’s an insult to my intelligence and yours to try to convince people that Obama is not trying to brainwash your kids, yet I know that if people don’t debunk this kind of shit it just grows like a mold. A mold of backward country bumpkin bullshit and retarded ass redneck fucktards. I think I’m just gonna let the President speak his mind.

Things I Wish Barack Obama would Say, #112

Things I Wish The President would Say, #132

“Mural at Rockefeller center is both Communist and Fascist Propaganda”, and other Crazy Conspiracy Mindfucks.

As an arts major I rolled over and laughed my face off when I watch Glenn Beck school his audience on the fine arts.  His woeful ignorance on the subject was too much for me to bear.  But the part of me that goes nuts every time someone says something that’s just a shade of meaning off made me slap myself when I finished seeing this clip and I realized he had just tried to put progressives, Communists, AND fascism in the same category.

I hesitate in dropping facts, because any facts I state will only be preaching to the converted and those who should know won’t benefit from reading them because facts don’t work on stupid people.  But I’m going for it anyway – communism is just about diametrically opposed to fascism as you can get.  It’s like black and white, night and day, yin and yang.   In short, they have nothing to do with the other.   Here’s a hint: read up on how much Stalin and Mussolini hated each other.

Things I Wish The President would Say, #214

Things I Wish The President would Say, #214

‘Van Jones is a threat to America’, or whatever the fuck Glenn Beck is pulling out of his ass this time.

Another career destroyed over bullshit. Democrats bend over and take it in the ass yet again. Van Jones gets ambushed, nobody steps up to the plate to defend him. So I will. Jones was a member of Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement (STORM), a group organized to protest police brutality. And I support that shit 100%. He signed a “truther” petition back in 04. I too, thought it legitimate that Bush may have had a role in 9/11 to further corporate interests. I realized eventually that he didn’t have to plan for 9/11; he merely had to ignore the warnings. This is not controversial. And more to the point, it was irrelevant to what should have been the discussion at hand, which was the fact that Jones was easily the most qualified man for the job of “green czar”. But let a nutjob like Glenn Beck on the loose and you’re gonna have an assload of Obama officials getting called out. For fuck sake, he called out the GE buulding.  This McCarthyist son of a bitch has no sanity, let alone decency. For his part, Van Jones acted admirably by stepping aside so he wouldn’t distract from the larger fight ahead.  It’s the Democratic party that has once again let the country down.

Jones was also quoted as calling Republicans “assholes”.   Nothing I’d disagree with. But check out the entire quote:

“And Barack Obama is not an asshole. So, now, I will say this: I can be an asshole, and some of us who are not Barack Hussein Obama, are going to have to start getting a little bit uppity.”

I could not agree with him more.  We’re gonna have to make a lot of noise.  But I don’t think Obama should be exempt from the fight. Hey, I think he has something to say after all…

Things I Wish The President would Say, #512

Things I Wish The President would Say, #512

Oh, and Obama has something to say to you “deathers”…

Things I Wish Barack Obama would Say #121

Things I Wish The President would Say, #421

How can anybody be against the Public Option?

Finally – the White House stepping up to the bullshit –

Nowadays I’m wondering to myself, “if they hate the public option so much, the loud, obnoxious geezers protesting public health insurance better not be on Medicare”.  If these astroturf imbeciles suffer a heart attack on the way to a town hall rally to disrupt the talks with their ignorant psychobabble-onian bullshit, they really better just lie there and die.

I’m bout to drop a little knowledge that might – or might not – come as a shock to the ignorant fucks protesting health care reform.  In fact, let me put this in its own paragraph just so the idiots amongst us can really get the picture:


Medicare is less expensive than private insurance and provides better coverage, only it does it for old people.  Which brings me to my next point:



Most people on Medicare seem to be happy with it.   I really do not see a downside to expanding it to apply to all Americans.  Especially considering that…


The reforms would prohibit private insurance companies from rationing health care, or denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions.  In other words…


And one more thing:


Why is it wrong that a majority of Americans would prefer to cut the middleman out and take control of our own health care?  How can conservatives concerned about waste oppose this?  These are the fundamental question at the heart of health care reform.  Forget about Obama trying to kill your grandma; it’s bullshit.  “Death panels” are bullshit.   Forget about the buzz words.  Forget about the loud, obnoxious cuss words from cantankerous bloggers and the old farts who are sabotaging the discourse over a public option that many of them are already beneficiaries of.

The Republican party opposes this plan simply as a political move.  They know Medicare works, so they know better than to mouth off with all that “death panel wants to kill your grandma” bullshit.  Their lies are blatant.  What they want is to weaken Obama.  It’s not even a conspiracy; it’s on the public record.  A congressman was even quoted as saying so.  But if I wrote a blog about that, it would only encourage the Republicans among us to fight the public option even more.  See, they’re not the most mature bunch; they would protest a plan that works in their own best interest just to see Obama fail.  It’s snot-nosed child shit.  But maybe, if I appeal to reason, they might come around on this.  Or not.  To tell you the truth, I’m not really banking on the dumb fucks.  I’ve come to accept that logic really does not work on them, or it would have succeeded a long time ago.  They are eternally the foot soldiers of the corporations, never really knowing who or what they’re working for, never knowing that they’re working against their own interests.  They’re lost.

But to the rest of you, maybe you’re on the fence about the public option.  You’re smart, but maybe you don’t have all the facts.   I hope you take a better look.  Google this shit.  Don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh.  You will find no death panels, no government take over of health care, and no conspiracy to kill old people (seriously…what the fuck?).  What you will find is Medicare for all.  A public option, belonging to you and me.  At the end of the day, what corporate interests in the insurance industry are trying to do is prevent us from having their own say in health insurance.   It’s no different than if I gathered a group of 10 people and told everyone to chip in so we could pay our own insurance.  I do not see how that has become a bad thing.  It’s the only option that empowers us to pool our resources so that we can cover our own asses – like our grandparents already do under Medicare.  These cynical fucks talk about choice, but insurance companies don’t want us to have that choice.  I say, fuck em.  You know what to do.

Minority Report 2: Escape from Guantanamo Bay…or not.

I love Rachel Maddow.  What a razor sharp wit.  I love smart, witty women.  Every time I watch her it’s as if she’s reaching into my brain and watering my neurons so that they may grow.  I feel smarter just watching her show after half an hour.   There’s something attractive about that.  I would totally wife that up.  That’s right.  Next to Alicia Keys, Marisa Tomei, Monica Bellucci, Jaime Lynn Sigler, Salma Hayek, Roselyn Sanchez, Tatiana Ramos, the chick from the ‘Creu’ video…

ANYWAY…check out this clip.  I find myself posting more videos than blogging, but somehow MSNBC seems to always beat me to the punch.

I couldn’t have said it better myself, but that won’t stop me from trying.   First of all, what blatant hypocrisy from the Obama administration. I refuse to believe that Obama doesn’t see the obvious contrast between his words on protecting the rule of law vs. his talk of “prolonged detention”.   And because I refuse to believe that, I also believe that he knowingly betrays the principles of the Constitution by his words.  I expected this from Bush.  Everybody expected it from Bush.

There’s one reason we’re holding these prisoners without a trial for the rest of their lives, and that reason is the fear that they might come back to harm us.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what the conversation within the Oval Office sounded like.  It was Obama, his bad boy Rahm Emanuel, the CIA, the FBI, and good ol’ Joe Biden, God bless him.  The CIA and the FBI just KNOW all sorts of crazy shit about the Guantanamo detainees.  They just KNOW.  Obama has been briefed, he is privy to knowledge that the rest of us don’t have, and maybe he knows for a fact that if he releases them, they will come back to get us.  Only problem is, we tortured them.  And just like that, these guys walk.  On a technicality.   Their cases would get thrown out as a result of the Bush administration’s crimes (and they WERE crimes, Obama…).  But seeing as we just KNOW that these guys are going to get us if we let them go…we can’t let them go.

What kills me is that Obama talks about principles while abandoning them in the exact same speech.  The way I see it, this is the kind of dilemma that tests America’s principles.  It tests our very Constitution.    In fact, this isn’t’ even a test, this is the real fucking thing.  NOW is when we’re supposed to be getting it right!   What is the point of sending troops to die?  Our leaders always like talking about how our military fights for freedom and democracy.  If we won’t even honor the fallen by maintaining the ideals that our leaders say they were sent to die for, then why have a Constitution in the first place?  Just tear that shit up.

I’ve always suspected Obama of being a principled man.  But practicality, compromise – these things have always been his strong points, not principle.   He, like other centrists such as Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Lieberman, seem to like to play it politically safe.  I just always thought that unlike those other Politicians I just mentioned, he actually believed in the Third Way, the “coming together” solution.  He didn’t strike me as a slimy, triangulating, wishy-washy, middle of the road, corporations first – un-principled – Politician.  He struck me as a real leader, with real principles, who just so happened to believe in practical solutions.  Obama probably knows that his public perception is taking a big hit for this; he had sold himself as a leader who promised change and the situation is such that he is faced with the prospect of having to break yet another promise, to fail the American people yet again.  If he were a principled man, this issue of “prolonged detention” would be killing him.  I hope it is.   If he is not suffering inside at the prospect of betraying his principles and everything this country is supposed to stand for, then he is just another Nancy Pelosi, another Hillary Clinton, another Joe Lieberman, all too comfortable with compromise on issues where there should be NO compromise…all for the sake of “practicality”.

Or maybe that’s just the way I’d think.  I’d like to think that I’d be a principled President.  Every single person in Guantanamo would be released, no questions asked, not simply by virtue of the fact that their having been tortured renders their cases tainted, but by virtue of the fact that BOTH the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were ILLEGAL.  There’s been a lot of talk about the criminality of the Iraq invasion, but nobody talks about how even our invasion of Afghanistan was illegal.  That’s for another day, though.

And that’s why I’d never run for public office…that and my knack for saying and writing things that would make Joe Biden look as tactful as Abraham Lincoln.  God bless Joe Biden.

PS:  Speaking of political incorrectness, Ms. California is taking way too much heat for this shit.  I don’t agree with Carrie Prejean, but what was that douchebag Perez Hilton expecting when he asked her that question?  Was he looking for a ‘yes’ answer to validate his own sexual orientation?  A ‘no’ answer so he could start a shitstorm over it?  Now they’re making fun of her tits?   Hey guys, that’s the kind of argument you resort to when you’re LOSING…