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Just Say NO to Logo Conests

A professional logo is worth at least $1000 to anybody with a reputable business.  But what do you expect out of a business that runs a logo contest? You may not be aware that logo design contests are unethical and insulting. You say you had 134 entries; that’s 133 chumps who worked for free. The idea is for designers to each spend time and resources to develop designs.  They then sit back with baited breath hoping they are chosen the “winner”.  After all, it’d be disappointing to have put in all that work for no pay, right?  But only the winner receives any compensation for the work he just put in.  What other profession do you know of where you can run a contest wherein the “lucky” winner basically does work for free unless he is “chosen” the winner? Writers?  Plumbers?  Dentists?

And to the designer: you’ve come up with a rather pedestrian logo. Does not say anything about the company other than it’s generic – and cheap. What part of that logo tells me anything about the company you just gave away your work to? Had you taken into account the way the text reads from a business card, or the color palette you use on your page – for starters – you’d have done your job right. As a matter of fact, who ARE you? Not a name to your credit? Not even a link to your page? So much for “exposure”.   That’s what you get when you enter a logo design contest.  I hope the paltry sum of money you were awarded was good for you. Should cover about half your rent; you DO live in a basement, don’t you?

One thing is for certain – neither you nor the company who “hired you” can be considered professionals.  Just say no to spec.


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