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Defending the Corporate Option: Cynicism at its Lowest

The defense I’ve heard that most baffles my mind is that insurance companies can’t compete with a public option – as if now we’re supposed to give a shit about insurance companies!  When was the last time they gave a shit about us?!  Do you have any idea how much the CEO of United Health makes?  Did you know William McGuire’s exit compensation from UnitedHealth hovered somewhere in the area of $1billion, making it largest golden parachute in the history of corporate America?  And you paid for that.  You people who leap in to defend these corporate douchebags – you paid for that, you fucking idiots.  How did poor and middle class people warm up to the idea of wanting private insurance?  How could anyone actually want a corporate middle-man involved in medical issues that are already expensive to begin with?  At least with a public option, you wouldn’t pay an atrocious premium.  I bet that most of the people protesting the public option were not too crazy about the fact that they had to pay an insurance company outrageous dues every month, just on principle alone.  That is, before Rush Limbaugh opened his big fat stupid snout.  See, now they LOVE United Health!  Now the LOVE Aetna!   If all it took for you to take up the fight against your own self-interest were the words of professional spin doctors and propaganda paid for by corporate insurance execs, well, then you’re a weak-minded stooge. A simpleton, a patsy.  You’re a chump.

By the way, what else would you people defend if the opportunity arose?  Would you defend unemployment?  If Obama tomorrow decided that he wanted to give every poverty-class citizen in the South jobs related to building some massive public project – perhaps solar panels for everybody! – would you be against it?  On some “I dun WAN’  da Gubmint to gimme me a job, that’s COMMIE SOCIALISM!”, type shit.  As soon as Glenn Beck weighs in with his retarded-ass opinion, will the response from you mindless sheep sound more like, “I AM A FREE AMERICAN, YOU CAN’T FORCE ME TO WORK IN YOUR CONCENTRATION DEATH CAMPS, YOU NAZI COMMUNIST!!!”

All this talk about death camps, Nazis, and death panels is ignorant bullshit.  When my grandmother died, we were the death panel.  You see, doctors didn’t decide that she should no longer be artificially kept alive.  We did.   We decided it was better to let her die naturally than to prolong her suffering through artificial means.  You see, the public option has nothing to do with death panels.  That term was a cynical term coined by Sarah Palin to discredit the idea of a public option.  She had an ideological bend she had to defend, a party to rebuild, and corporate donors who needed their backs scratched.  I also have an ideological bend, although mine skews away from capitalist excess – the idea that the bottom line trumps life.  I believe decisions about life and death should be made by doctors and family, not any corporate or government entity.  My ideological bend also extends towards an adherence to the facts – and the fact is that the public option has nothing to do with what you or your doctors talk about.  It simply does not.  But if you so angry about that perceived intrusion, where is your anger towards a corporation that would deny you treatment for leukemia because you’re too expensive?  I say to you, your insurance companies already have death panels! They decide based on the bottom line whether you live or die, and they do it every day, to pay for their bloated salaries!  How fucking cynical, that the corporate opponents of health reform were able to project their sins unto the government.  How stupid of you, those of you within the American public, who believe them.


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