Coffee for the masses.

The Shock Doctrine

This is one of the most important books I’ve ever read, I bought it yesterday on a whim and I literally could not put it down.  If I had it my way, it would be required reading for every social studies classroom in America.  The following video is just a trailer, a taste of what the book is about.

This book confronts the sainthood of Milton Friedman, an ideologue on the opposite side of the spectrum from Karl Marx.  Actually, to say that he is on opposite sides of Marx is incorrect; Marx was a relatively low-key and obsure figure in his time who only observed history from a certain point of view and he never played an active role promoting Communism on the world stage the way Friedman did.  Marx only predicted the conditions needed to create a Communist world – Friedman himself hustled his religion to the masses, with disastrous results.   The myth of Milton Friedman is widespread and taken as fact by die-hard corporatists and apologists for capitalism.  This book destroys that myth.  Milton Friedman is to capitalism what Osama bin Laden is to Islam; yet again even that comparison may be off.  Friedman continues to be far more influential, his followers far more entrenched within the halls of power – and his ideas far more destructive – even 3 years after his death.   If you’ve ever wondered WHY Chile fell to Auguste Pinochet, or why we REALLY went to war in Iraq, this book ought to clear a few things up.

Check it out at your local library, or find it at a local bookstore or Amazon.


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