Coffee for the masses.

Republican Bobby Jindal’s Response to Pres. Obama Address to Congress

Let’s see how long you can take this before you gag:

Watch the horrific video here.

This is it? This is what the Republican party has been reduced to? Was Bobby Jindal the closest they could get to a black man in the Republican party? Let me take a whack at their strategy – find a dark guy that sort of reminds you of Barack Obama, coach him on how to sound “inspiring” (use lotsa hand gestures!), and throw him out there like he’s the Coke to Obama’s Pepsi.  In places, this guy sounds like Obama almost word for word.  Truth is, Obama has style to back up that intelligence, and Jindal…well, look at him.

He may know the words, but he definitely don’t know the music.  Knowing the music is almost as important as knowing the words because it lets me know just how seriously you believe your own rhetoric.  That’s why Obama succeeds in his speeches; it may turn out that he does not believe half the shit he talks about – almost all of it positive, reaffirming stuff about America that a bitter cynic like myself takes with a lot of skepticism – but judging from the way he delivers it, I have no reason to believe he’s insincere.  When Bobby Jindal delivers a speech, he comes across as a privileged yuppie from an insular district who studied an Obama speech and delivered something concocted by the best focus group money could buy.  Problem is he can only read the lines, but he can’t make us believe his shit because we don’t even think he believes it.  What you’re left with is the nagging feeling that in a desperate attempt to connect with America, rather than reflect upon what it is we rejected about their ideology, the Republicans have decided to rebrand themselves instead.  They tried to Obama-nize this guy. This is what trying too hard looks like.

“Hehheh, I was what folks in the insurance industry called a “pre-existing condition”?  Are you fucking shitting me?


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