Coffee for the masses.

Getting back in the ring…

As a few of you know, about a year ago I ran to catch a train and my foot finally decided to betray me – it bent my ankle at a 90 degree angle. I’d either torn a ligament or broken it; it’s impossible to know because SF General Hospital really didn’t give a shit enough to make a proper diagnosis. Apparently they couldn’t tell by the x-rays and all I got was a foot wrap and some crutches. A year later, I still get sharp pains in my ankle every now and then and there’s no way of knowing when it’ll decide to act up. Even before the accident, however, I’d been retired from backyard wrestling for a while, but that injury put any hope of getting back in the ring out of my mind for good.

But some things you just can’t leave behind. A few weeks ago when Ray, Anthony and I finally rebuilt the wrestling ring, I began to catch the bug again. Just yesterday they were over at my house talking over some projects we’re lining up and they managed to convince me to get back in the game; apparently they weren’t taking no for an answer. Now I’ve got 3 months to get into the best shape of my life and dust the wrestling cobwebs off. Time to stock up on the Vicodin.

Yep, the Golem is back in the ring, and he’s even got a new entrance theme – it’s the song currently playing on my profile. I’ll miss my old entrance theme though; it’s hard to beat Led Zepellin’s “Kashmir”. On the other hand, “Imma Beast” has a nice ring to it.


NEW THEME: Imma Beast


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