Coffee for the masses.

What do Scarface and 14 year old teenyboppers have in common?

You are NOT Scarface.

You are NOT Scarface.


Everywhere you go, the face of Al Pacino haunts me.  Sometimes it’s actually him looking in my window when I’m sleeping, but most of the time he’s staring at me from a t-shirt worn by some stupid little personality deprived teenybopper or studio gangster.  And it’s always the same 2 pictures – either an airbrushed atrocity depicting the moment he’s stuffing his face in coke or the moment shorty after when he’s going out in a hail of gunfire.  Both suck.

I don’t get it.  What’s the appeal?  The movie was great, the guy was an evil backstabbing coke fiend who fantasized about his sister – is THAT the guy you want to be when you grow up?   Yeah, good shit genius – aim high.  Or in his case, real “high”.  Funny you never see a shirt of his nose covered in coke, because then he’d just look like a stupid prick. The next bastard I see with a Scarface t-shirt gets a broken light bulb to his crotch.

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